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  1. Order reassurance for those who may be in a similar situation as I have recently just been in. In a nut shell my most recent 2 orders have taken 3 items to arrive intermittently within 5 weeks in 3 seperate parcels due to a huge postal service delay and with 1 order coming direct from the supplier. Believe it or not the first item ordered was the last to be received. I was getting a little worried at the 3 week mark as a discounted-refund was also delayed at the same time as the delayed orders (recognise that the refund was a courtesy discount on a previous item purchased when it was ‘gear-oz’). I have ordered several times now through ‘gear-oz’, left a few reviews accordingly and will continue to do so more recenlty with gear-phoenix. For those in any doubt this is still the real deal and you can standby ‘gear-phoenix’ with reassurance and integrity. Based on my most recent experience they will stick by their word, refund, reimburse, discount and follow up routinly should the situation arise. Usually delivery takes no longer than 2-6 days in my experience and for a while there it was 2 days delivery consistently. Thanks again gear-phoenix! My reassurance is even greater and look forward to future easy transactions.

  2. Hey I ordered testosterone enanthate just waiting on delivery I’ll write another review about how quickly my gear comes when I get it can’t wait πŸ™‚

  3. Just finished a 10 week 500mg cycle of Test 250 enanthate. The strength of the test was as high if not higher than i have had before so the dosage from syntha Labs is exellent. The injections were smooth and no pain or discomfort after wards. The boys have got delivery down to next day for me .Bitcoin is easy after 3 order.See Jake-Archer review site for easy Bitcoin coin purchase solution. Cheers Flano

  4. Great products
    Great service ordered from them twice before about to do my third time
    Amazing stuff guys

  5. Great service , great communication and of course the most important great gear thanks again

  6. I seriously cannot fault you guys. I’ve order four times from you now, and every single time the transaction has been super fast, friendly, and with awesome communication. Amazing! You’ve proven that I can place utmost faith in you that my gear will arrive as fast as possible and are absolutely trustworthy. Thanks a billion! I cannot recommend you highly enough!!!!

  7. Looking forward to my order coming through, bitcoin is definitely something to learn more about

  8. Highly recommend!! One thing I will say is that if you’re struggling to grasp bitcoin… it’s worth understanding. It’s the biggest invention since the internet.

  9. If anyone is still unsure about being FAIRDINKUM they tell you. Jake-Archer would not put his name to anything that is not legit his reputation is his lively hood .So let’s support the boys. Cheers Flano

  10. The bit coin thing is a bit of a faf, but easy once done and the goods came within two days.
    Quite amazing and many thanks, I will be back.

  11. Placed my first order with Gear Oz. Amazing service very helpful with updates 3 days in total to arrive also had no problems with finding payment through coinspot will only be using this site from now on A++++

  12. Amazing! Like many comments, I was sceptical at first but this is the real deal. I ordered on a Monday night and it was at my door by Wednesday. Thanks so much – I will definitely be back!

  13. Placed my first order with Gear Oz. Amazing service. Order was delivered basically the next business day. Will only order from Gear Oz from now on.

  14. Big thanks to these guys for the great service they provide for us all. I am about to do my very first Test cycle so we will shall see how we go! Will be buying again very soon!

  15. In reply to DesD, ARL quality definitely declined and we got rid of them as soon as we became aware of it. Our new brands are getting perfect feedback and we hope you will try them out and let us know your feedback again.

  16. Still the great company they were all of 2016 as far as service, but just a shame you guys really don’t have much good stuff worth buying anymore, especially since Galactic went down.
    That ARL garbage is absolute Benzyl Alcohol-sodden trash. Utterly useless and pointless and not worth the 2 cents vial it is contained in. I have never EVER had a more painful swollen pin with severe flu symptoms from such dirty BA-filled oil – and that’s across their multiple oils. I put up with it in their Masteron Prop because it was a short ester, and still stung like hell fire cut with Test E and EQ 250, but low and behold when I ran out of my EQ 250 and switched to their EQ 200 also – it was even worse. ON AN UNDECYLANATE ESTER OF ALL THINGS. Which should be smooth as butter and capable of cutting even the most painful of oils and short esters.
    I just threw them straight into the bin where they belong. Very much reconsidering trying any of these other new brands.

  17. Delivery and service Outstanding! Multiple orders now, 5 star service and support from the team.

    Syntha Labs – Oxandrolone (Anavar), works nicely. Compared to script Var hard to judge probably less than the script stuff overall I’d say but works great all the same, and happy with it as I love the stuff! Didn’t need to increase the dose & kept it the same as I would scripted compund.

    Syntha Labs – Proviron, look out! This stuff is super deadly even at a moderate 50mg. Very strong stuff in my couple of uses. Found had to adjust to 25mg if got too strong / intense within the first couple of weeks. Bloods also showed a noticeable decrease in SHBG in just a couple of weeks, more than they would naturally supplemented.

    hCG Pharma (Pregnyl) – No questions its pharma. So far so good.

    Cabergoline – Yes! Legit. Very first dose results showed the following morning.

    Syntha Labs – Dbol, not yet used but will review when have. Looking forward to this and have heard great things from a gear-oz ‘moderator’ / ‘admin’. This is part of the service I was mentioning guys in my very first paragraphed service review! Contacted gear-oz in regards to feedback and after purchasing the Dbol they even gave additional personal experience / results on the Synta Labs Dbol product (Y). Was good!

    Altamofen brand – Tamoxifen Citrate (aka Novladex) by Alpha Phrama, ready for part of PCT and will review when done. But i’m sure will be fine / legit.

    FLX – Test Enanthate, yet to review but have positive reviews within the first 1-2 weeks from a friend I got it for and this is only from 125mg week 1 and 250mg week 2. He is happy with his results so far so thats saying something, at least, in my opinion. He has used Pharma before so he will know.

  18. hi you guys are always soo easy and smooth to deal with but its the bloody bitcoins thats the headache! im sure others will agree always get stuffed around with them. if only you guys cud come up with a payment system of your own you’d have customers coming out of the woodworks! think bitcoins are a hindrance to your buisiness. just a food for thought :).

  19. I was nervous at first but when i got it and tried it – wow!!!! Powerful stuff, fast delivery. Will definitely be ordering soon, Thanks Guys!

  20. Purchased the cut blend a few months back. Running it at 2ml EOD i must say its average.
    I’ve had real tren before and at 1ml EOD blows the cut blend out of the water for strength, size, fatloss and night sweats. Just an honest review.Also ran the arl tren ace at 1.5ml EOD again average.

  21. Spent a lot of time browsing through the web looking for a legit supplier. I stumbled upon gear oz and if you’re like me, you’ll do some research! All I found was positive reviews about these guys so a little nervous (been ripped off before online by other websites) I put my order in and 3 days later my gear was at my door.
    Thank you again guys, I will defo be ordering again.

  22. Looked at a lot of other dodgy sites before I found you guys. Being a first time user of the site, I was very wary but found out there was no need.
    To any other people looking for a reliable provider, look no further!!
    Thanks again.

  23. Hey guys love what you do! I’ve got 100% trust in you guys and love the customer service and fast deliverys. Just wanted to say you should get back the old lambo gear you use to have! Loved that stuff and worked really well. I’m using ARL test E and Test P now and it works great but giving me the worst pinpoint pain! Taking over 4-5 days to stop hurting! Runing outta spots to inject. Should get back the galactic and lambo brands top stuff!!! Thanks guys love ya!!

  24. This was a first time order for me. The advice from Gear-Oz was spot on, friendly and quick. Gear arrived today, after being sent on Tuesday. Packaging was really discreet and the whole process was so easy. I was really worried about it all but needn’t have been.

    The only hard bit is the bitcoin thing but that’s OK once you set it up. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  25. I had such a seamless experience with Gear Oz! Deposited the funds, notified my order was sent the day after and received the gear 3 days later as expected. I am really impressed and will definitely order again. Thank you.

  26. Gear-Oz is LEGIT! For all those wondering and for all those worrying… DON’T! Was impressed with the help and communication. They are a professional outfit. Top grade products, quick response time & quick postage. Cheers Gear-Oz!

  27. Absolutely flawless customer service. I am usually a ‘hard to please’ customer but these guys honestly did everything to deliver the perfect service+ products to me. 100% satisfied with Gear Oz, for sure the best supplier in town, thank you so much guys!

  28. i was worried at the start too but the process has been suprisingly easy for all those worried DON”T! do it once and you be loving life cant believe i wasted all these years looking on the streets for unknown shitty products paying top dollar. havent tried the gear yet but will let you know when i do but im sure itll be kuta have faith in these guys. no hassle it arrived amazingly quick quicker than ebay lol omg. have always answered my questions WOW im blown away! you guys are truely god sent whoever you are. i hope you be in business foreverr and prosper… too good keep it up!

  29. Been on 2ml of tren e (arl) for 4 weeks with 1ml of test e (arl) a week. Ive put on 5 kilos and getting stronger and cant stop eating. Getting very lean and a bit vascular. Labido is going through the roof just what a fifty year old needs(lol).Arl is g2g.?

  30. Just got the stuff thank God!! These guys a the legit people really fast delivery no problems at all thank you very much gear oz looking forward to many years of service.

  31. Yes – got the product! So 100% apologise. To anyone thinking twice you will get what you order and yes it arrives fast. Just be patient (unlike me!) Like most on here I’ll give the tabs a crack and see what transpires. Stan tabs look different to the ones on the net you generally see – what’s the reason for that? Cheers to Gear OZ!

  32. KW, dont panic. Ive been dealing with these guys for approx 2 years. Never, ever had a prob. Gear always kosher as well. It can be stressful dealing with an unknown but they are legit and will look after you. I have no affiliation with them. Just trying to allay some of your fears. I felt the same way at first.
    Also, they wouldnt bother answering your email in the reviews section (with your complaint) if doing a rip etc. Post reply when it turns up.

  33. WOW! Ordered late friday afternoon and bam!!! Package on my door step on monday morning. Thats unreal. Hopefully their products are spot on too. I say it as it is. I’ll post again once i’ve tried it out.

  34. Thank you. Can’t find any email. Checked all folders. Still sceptical. If product arrives I will make a public apology!

  35. Hi – checking in again as to the status of my order. Can’t use the contact us facility (fails) and I’m now thinking the worst. Please help.

  36. Even with some minor complications on my end and no fault of the guys, it still arrived in a ridiculously fast time when everything was sorted. I can understand new peoples concerns with Bitcoin and online ordering with it, but you are in safe hands with Gear-Oz. Can’t wait to tackle the cutting stack, will follow up in the forums in 10 weeks time!

    Thanks guys.

  37. Shipping has been stupidly quick of late. I’m talking, next day receival in the mailbox after payment/order completion for my last 2 or 3 orders. Very impressed.

  38. First time on this site. Obviously had a lot of questions they were all answered very quickly and professionally. They could not have been more helpful. Received product within 2 day’s. If you are sceptical about this site don’t be. Love ya work fellas 10 out of 10.


  39. They could use a label improvement as well, but the gear is g2g which is the most important thing. We can take the labels off for you if you want πŸ™‚

  40. hi Guys.
    any chance you can let the guys that make ‘Mutant’ to rename their gear. Getting very hard to convince my GF that her gear named Lamborghini, Mutant and Galatic are actually Kosher. Ha ha.
    At least ARL sounds ok. Coming from the medical world a relatively normal name would be so much better. That being said, the gear has always been good.

  41. Bloods back today. 5 weeks of Galactic Labs Test E at around 300mg – 350mg a week. I ended up dropping down from 500mg due to blood pressure/dizziness issues.
    – 1,411ng/dl (out of range 48 on the 8.3-29 scale).
    For comparison, 7 weeks on 500mg of Alpha Pharma was 999ng/dl.
    I’m a hyper metabolizer and this may be a smidge out of dose by my calcs (more like 220mg/ml) however this is by far the cleanest, smoothest, pain free, properly dosed gear I have found in the country. Can’t wait to try the rest.

  42. Hi Guys, just wanting a very simple answer trhe HCG you guys sell and stock? how many doses/weeks does that last for? IE having 5000iu’s a week?

  43. Hi
    Is this site geunie plus I am wanting to loose weight very fast especially in my tommy area which product do u advice me to get. Thanks

  44. Hi Expo,

    Send us an email we can try and work something out. The special was to clear our last remaining Lambo stock πŸ™‚

  45. good quick service to the door
    My only complaint is i purchased 2 Galactic labs Equipoise when on special and was sent 2 Lambo Labs Boldenone which i already have and don’t rate and i don’t suppose there’s any means to send back and replace!!
    Everything else spot on

  46. TEST E 250mg/ml –
    Well what can I say, this city deserves a better class of gear, and Gear Oz is gonna bring it to us.
    First time I did the whole Bitcoin thing and although it seemed like a pain, it was actually pretty straightforward (and quick mind you, within the hour, still goes through the local bank anyway). Payment was sent and clarified received the next morning, along with shipping clarification.
    3 Days later the Test arrived. Woohoo, not bad.
    I’m a blast and cruiser on TRT, so I’ve tried many brands/always HAVE to do bloods for quality (like everyone should), and often get stuck with nothing to use but shoddy Alpha Pharma. And I don’t care what anyone says – it’s bunk garbage and a last resort. Test flu nearly every-time, a painful and lumped up injection site, irritation from all the benzyl alcohol and hugely under-dosed. I literally cruise on 500mg of 250mg/ml Alpha Pharma Test E, because it’s actually more like 100mg/ml and puts me at 1,000ng/Dl (high normal) for TRT. Not just me. Guys I know have to run 1.5 – 2 grams of the stuff just to get to 500mg – 750mg and an actual proper cycle dose.
    So imagine my surprise when I pin myself last night with Gear Oz’s Galactic Labs Test E. If there was one thing good about Alpha Pharma – it was that the oils were really low viscosity. Or, so I thought. It may as well be honey compared. Because this Galactic stuff is literally like water, it’s that liquid. It’s also less yellow and more pale clear than I’m used to. And the jab – woah. It is literally PAIN LESS. Not a hint of anything. Smooth as butter. This is the gear that I’ve heard so much about. That the US have access to and we can never get.
    I literally used to have to religiously follow a strict regimen with Alpha Pharma, right before the shower. Then use hot water and a deep massage to work the oil in – and I’d still have PIP but lessened so. This stuff, I feel confident I can now attempt more thigh pins which were literally impossible without a corked leg for a week.
    So far, if you can’t tell, I’m impressed. And yes, I WILL be reporting back with bloods in a few weeks so stay tuned. Everyone should, always. I’ll still be using 250 twice a week, so I expect to see around 3 – 4,000ng/dl on this blast if the dose is on point. But honestly, even if this is as under-dosed as Alpha Pharma (and I’m also a super metabolizer), I’d be happy even if it was the same cruise dose purely for the fact that the gear is clean and not dirty with B Alcohol. So it’ll be way easier to use more of it.
    Stay tuned.

  47. Gear arrived on time as promised ( awesome ! ) Bitcoin is a bitch , but what can you do ! Necessary evil . 4 weeks in to my first cycle ever with beginners stack with Test E Dbol and HCG , seeing gains already ! No wonder people love this stuff ! As far as I can tell the gear is what it should be , the service is helpful,and spot on with honest advice ! Gear oz will be my only go to for gear !

  48. Require some help what to purchase for a cycle of sustanon 250
    also have been diagnosed with gyro, and infertility,

    I’m told i need , nolvadex, HCG, tetrazole, 3 vials sus250, as I’m doing 12-15 week cycle of sus250.

    im not sure if anyone can help with a plan for me.


  49. In your looking for gear !! Been worried about customs !! Worry no more , the boys at “GEAR OZ” have it sorted .. Why chance a overseas order , then worry will it get through or worse will I lose it and end up with a caution letter. Lol worry about the next work out cause GEAR OZ takes all the worries away. I placed my last order and received it with in 30 hours … Sound hard to believe will that’s what happened . Ordered Thursday morning , on my doorstep Friday 1pm . Amazing boys keep up the great work .. CHEERS SHANE..

  50. To Mike, re asking sus 250. I can vouch for it. I have been using just this from gearoz for almost 18 months or more now. Been ages anyway . It has always been good. Even across different brands.
    I get my bloods done to check every now am then and the free T is always up near 4500. Normal range 100 -600. I am taking only 500mg p/week as well.
    Not to mention the gear is very clean. No pain, lump, sick feeling. I used to get thaiger sus 350 from Thailand and geez, was always sick for 2 days every week.

  51. My second order from this site and service is excellent. Tried othe sites and lost money
    These guy are the real deal.. and a great product. Highly recommended

  52. First cycle was the Beginner Stack (Test E only) and I put on 10kg (some water) but stayed around the same body fat%. I’m off cycle now and have run some clen from here and that is the real deal also.

    If I can get the funds together, I would likely try the Cut Blend vials and so far Gear Oz have been reliable and consistent.

  53. Week 6 of tren a mast test e cycle,lovin it,gained roughly 13lb of muscle and lost fat,gear oz is legit as,ive ordered over 10times,never had a problem,keep up the good work guys

  54. Galatic Anavar is good. my GF has been buzzing around since starting on it. Doing Gym, then Pilates, then cleaning up the backyard and place, then porn, Ha ha.
    Lambo Var not so good. The Lambo Sustanon is awesome though

  55. Has anyone used sustanon 250 from this site !!
    id appreciate some feed back in results.

    was thinking of doing a cycle.

  56. Thanks guys. Placed my order for test-E on Wednesday and received it on Friday. They also helped me with payment via bitcoin as i didn’t understand it. Couldn’t ask for better service.

  57. Might be a bit early for the mass blend, we havn’t had it in long. Thanks for the review

  58. Ran the Beginner stack early this year, everything was top notch, put on crazy strenght with the dbol.
    Any reviews for the Mass Blend? potency etc
    will be purchasing from you guys again soon

  59. Placed my first order with Gear-Oz for Sustanon 250.

    Here is my experience…

    Once I placed my order and made payment, I received an email that same day advising me that payment had been received and that the order would go out soon.

    After a week, no delivery, so I contacted them again. Got a reply advising me that AusPost did not deliver the package (due to possible loss). They quickly rectified by sending out another package that same day via express post. Received the package the next day.

    From start to finish, Gear-Oz was fantastic, responded quickly to my emails which gave me re-assurance.

    The sus250 I received was made by Galactic Labs (I emailed them again and got re-assurance that it is from a reputable lab). Will post again through my cycle and give updates on how the gear is.

    Thanks again guys, anyone hesitating or doubting their legitimacy, hopefully my positive experience can put you at ease.

  60. Been using galactic test and deca…awsome results, 4kg in 4 weeks and benched a best of 180kg x 5 reps…galactic labs are bang on the money for excellent quality and the service these guys provided me was second to none…you won’t b disappointed with gear oz

  61. Awsome stuff got excatly what ordered and soon the guys offered me help with any questions I had recommend to everyone

  62. Security Mate. Anything else gets closed down by the authorities very quickly. We lost 3 merchant accounts already and ll the funds in them at the time. Send me an email and I can help you with bitcoins.

  63. Ordered a cycle last week, first order since the drama and address change, as usual, arrived in 3 days, all good to go, my first tren,mast,test cycle, so far im feeling fuckin awesome, no bad sides at all except for a bit hard to get to sleep, other then that all good,nooo pip and the gear is clear/clean, happy days, ill post updates thru the cycle, gained 1.5kg first week, stoked?

  64. Just got my first order! Great customer service and quick delivery!

    Running Genesis test E only cycle. Anyone else using this product and had good results? Done a fair bit of research and seeing mixed reviews on “Genesis” products.

    Cheers gearOZ

  65. Haven’t gone on cycle yet, will post another review of the gear when I do. Buuuut, this shit is legit, showed up at my door within a week, no problems, no drama. Good customer service. If you’re hesitant becuase you think its a scam, think again.

  66. Not sure if it was a bad batch but I have not had much change doing the sus250 cycle,
    1ml Mon and 1ml Thurs. I still don’t like the fact their is no after pain from the shots, to me if it don’t hurt its not good gear. Really regret buying sus250. Maybe ill stick to test e or p.

  67. Yes I’ve received high amounts of pain and swelling from my Test E shots. I’m injecting into my quads and thought it was just virgin muscles having not injecting there before and after researching online. I’d love to know if the BA is higher than normal cause I can’t even do cardio with this pain.

  68. week 7 gained 6kg from test E, hit a test plateu into the 2nd bottle.has anyone else had swelling and pain from thinking its high BA in the gear has happened twice now

  69. Big shout out to Gear Oz. After a little confusion, my package was received in good order, and the gear looks GTG. Obviously having some email issues, but should never have doubted. Thanks guys, you have a customer for life.

  70. Hey guys, end of week 12 of a deca/test cycle, starting weight was 78.7kg, end weight 94.9kg that’s 36lb roughly
    I’m over the f%&Kin moon lol awesome gear, great guys that run it, yeah Gear Oz, you are the shit, cheers, I highly recommend Gear Oz

  71. Hi Daniel,

    You need to give us an alternative email, I have tried 3 different accounts to get back to you but they keep bouncing. Just email us with a different email and I will answer your queries.

    Gear Oz

  72. Does any one on here have an alternate email for the guys here at Gear Oz? I placed an order, made payment, sent confirmation email as well as 4 or 5 follow up emails, but nothing heard. They were very good with responses to queries right up til I paid, since then I have heard nothing. Starting to get very worried I have been ripped. Any one have alternate or direct email contact?

  73. Outstanding customer service . Had a slight mix up with my last order but have just had that sorted out . Thankyou gear-oz and rain man . As soon as I brought it to their attention they were quick to rectify the mix up .
    Will happily continue to be a costumer for life !

  74. gday fellas
    I gave my body a rest
    hit test prop and tren anavar combo
    and boom, responding again
    wont doubt you guys again
    thanx gear oz rain man

  75. Hi guys and gals, just my cycle update, I’m in week 10 of a deca /test cycle 500mg of each I started my program at Sunday I weighed in at 92.3kg, 30lb and still gaining, bloody good gear guys, also got my recent order again 3 days ,awesome company, hats off the Rainman and Gear Oz ✊

  76. Would like to say thank you to the guys. Both myself and my partner have used several of the products and have had great results. Shipments have always been very quick, ranging from next day to two days later for delivery and packages are well wrapped and have had no damage.
    Keep up the good work

  77. I Have made several orders with these guys so far and have to say they are the real deal . They always respond in a quick and courteous manner and their supply is legit . The only thing I can fault them on is my latest order was mixed up and I was sent clomid instead of nolva.

  78. Just want to let everyone know that Gear OZ is the real deal.
    > Impeccable service in regards to delivery which was super quick.
    > Made an order on Thursday and received goods on the Monday. I had a
    > few questions which they promptly replied. A professional business.
    > First class. Hats off to Rain Man. As far quality goes it is high
    > quality. Just started my cycle first week and noticed the
    > pumps/energy/strength already. Eating clean and training with
    > intensity are paramount to using gear. I am using Tren A, Test prop.
    > and Masteron. Insane stack for me. Cheers

  79. I did a Test E only cycle starting back in October. Am finishing up PCT now. Can confirm that everything was legit (bloods done). Really happy with the products and service.

    Cheers guys keep up the good work.

  80. Hi Khawaja, when we do free re-ships for lost packages we always take the labels off incase your package was inspected. Its just a measure we need to take, a few packages have been going missing so far and when we re-ship without labels there’s never an issue. Cheers

  81. Paid for the gear on the 26th of November. Got the stuff today(20 days) they have been pretty prompt with communication. The first package was apparently lost by aus post, so they send me another package. It took a while for a domestic supplier and the price paid for it, but finally i received it. The bottle doesn’t have any labels on them, hopefully they are legit. Fingers crossed.

  82. Hi everyone. Ive been using their sus for almost a year now. I can say that every vial has been real.
    At first i did my bloods with every new delivery but stopped after a while as i can always feel the gear if its real. Not to mention horniness, extra body hair, a few pimples etc.
    My blood results were (from memory)
    Test (total) 120. Normal 10-32
    Test (free) 4300. Normal 150- 620
    They were approx this every time i did them. Thus, i stopped bothering after a while.
    The gear is real. Not to mention whatever oil maxpro is using is very clean. No inflammation or pain in the days afterward. I got sick of other brands giving me a huge swollen lump and making me feel mildly sick for a day or so.
    I just put up with it as i wanted the gear in me.
    I know a few people reading this may think that gearoz is just putting up their own reviews, but this is for real.
    Im just a middle aged guy that likes being fit and not being disgusted every time i look in the mirror. As was happening 5 years or so ago before i was training properly…. with a bit of help.
    I think fair kudos to these guys for doing an awesome service.

  83. Just checking in with some results. On week 5 of dbol 50mg ed. I can surly say that the dbol is legit. as part of my job I walk several kms a day and lately its been impossible. Im talking the worst shin pumps ive ever had. I get them just walking to work which is about 200m down hill. Ive gained 5kg and have noticed some dizziness due to high BP. But nevertheless top stuff don’t let the filler fool you. Quality gear.

  84. Hey guys,
    I have done two orders with gear oz now and I’m currently doing the mass cycle consisting of tren and test with an anadrol/dbol kickstart.

    My first order with gear oz was a 10 week test e only cycle in which I gained 5kg. I was a little weary at first whether the site was legit but sure enough I recieved my order within week.

    I’m currently doing the mass cycle consisting of tren and test with a dbol/anadrol kick start and am in my seccond week. So far I have felt no major kick from the anadrol or dbol and am a little concerned whether the gear is fake. , I should at least be feeling a kick from it by now. The dbol/anadrol came in little capsuals and its contests looks and tastes just like protein powder. From what I’ve heard dbol/anadrol is a powerful steroid which gives u incredible increase in strength with in a few days of taking it and so far I have felt nothing. However I have gained 1kg with in my first week.
    I’m hoping if I give it a little more time I will start to feel it. I’m currently doing a 100mg of dbol a day 3 days on and then switching to the anadrol for 3days and then repeating the process of switching between the two.

    Depending on the results of how this cycle goes will determine if I will order from gear oz again. On another note when I recieved my order one of my test e vials was leaking and lost 2ml of it. So far I am unimpressed with the service. I’m hoping that I will see results over the coming weeks.

  85. @ Luke,

    Apologies for the leaking vial, its just one of those things that can happen, contact us and we can work something out for you. As for the gear we recommend everyone get blood test to get accurate readings, most people feel a kick with the orals, but its fairly ambiguous way of determining quality, and of course every person reacts differently. The capsules contain protein powder, its used as a filler with the active ingredients, not as a replacement. You should keep seeing gains, hopefully you also feel better with the cycle soon as well.

  86. Big thanks to the guys at Gear Oz. Currently using test e and gains so far have been really impressive. Have seen a couple of negative reviews of late regarding the test e being underdosed. I can attest by my current test levels that the gear I have been using is legit. I believe the guys have unfortunately recieved an underdosed batch, however they have stepped up and let everyone know the current isssue, and I believe will rectify the issue. There’s not many guys out there in the ug steroid world that will do that (REMEMBER HYPERTROPHY LABS THE MOTHER FUCKERS). Sure it’s not the cheapest gear, but they are straight up have always responded to emails and its not easy to find a decent reliable supplier in this country.

    So thanks again guys and keep up the good work.

  87. Hi Guys, i have made to orders so far and both have arrived in blistering quick times of only a couple of days. so firstly thank you for the quick service. i must say my last order was test E and tren E the tren is spot on but i think the test is under dosed because my energy levels have declined dramatically in the last 2 weeks after start the new vial. i have emailed them after seeing other posts and their email today. I’m sure they will make it good. anyways its great to have a reliable service that delivers on time.

  88. Hey guys and gals, I’ve seen a few people asking for results does the gear work does the gear work, I started week 8 of my deca /test cycle this week, My starting weight was 78.7kg (I’d had a lot if time off from illness )and I weighed myself last Friday, I was 89.75 kg, that is 11.05kg or 24.2 lb in 8weeks and I started deca two weeks earlier then test E so that is 8weeks deca, 6weeks test E,24.2 lbs IT WORKS, GEAR OZ,RAINMAN, “YOU ROCK”????✌✊

  89. @ Daniel and Luke

    Thanks for the review, it seems one batch of the Test E was underdosed. If anyone else feels they didn’t get results with Test E recently please email us, we will replace or swap for something else for you.

    Apologies for the trouble.

  90. I have also ordered from Gear Oz, and noticed that halfway through my cycle i had low energy and the test ‘feeling’ had disapeared, so i went to have bloodwork done and it confirmed my test had crashed and was low. I’m not saying all the bottles are underdosed, but some of them certainly are which is a shame because one of my friends was using some of the old test e 200mg which worked well and bloodwork showed test was very high – it must be the new testoviron 250mg.

    sorry i had to leave a bad review but if anyone wants to see bloodwork you can email me.


  91. Ordered twice from Gear Oz, very quick and reliable service – first bottle of test e 200mg was legit as i had bloodwork done and they were sky high, however the new bottles i have used a few were severely underdosed as me and my friend both had bloodwork done and testosterone was in the low region, and LH was very low, i didnt want to write a bad review but i feel i have to now due to low energy levels and crashing my hormones halfway through the cycle.

  92. gday fellow gear heads
    its a good idea to use hcg whilst on cycle
    sometimes you have to give your body a rest
    I believe in tolerance ,receptor saturation whatever you want to call it
    its easy to blame the gear , when your pumping it in and not growing
    I do 6 + months cycles
    it sux coming off
    but believe me next cycle will be better after some time off
    im sick of people saying they got there gear
    just get on and let us all know if whatever your using is working or not
    this site is not a scam, they deliver, only tell us your results

  93. Awesome service I have been ripped off a number of times since Aussiejuice shut down, this is a genuine site once my order was confirmed two days later it was in my letter box. Thanx guys you have just found another loyal customer I am wrapped so happy with your service

  94. Ok everyone is saying they received their gear pretty fast but it doesnt mean the gear is good stuff….
    There isnt much feedback on the quality of the gear and if it is good shit or just vegetable oil….
    Can some1 please let us know whether the stuff is gtg and hows the prop100

  95. To the guys at Gear-Oz and everyone else on the review board and site:

    Its real, its real, its real! This site is the real thing and thankyou so much you fellows in the background you have just made my day.

    I only placed a small order (low cost) for Clen. Mostly because I wasn’t sure if the site was real. Add to that, I bought off some site in Thailand a few years ago and did a Western Union money transfer and never heard a thing again after money was sent.

    So I ordered Monday night just after cob. I have been paranoid since, almost 2 days. To be honest I didn’t understand the process, ie. Am I supposed to get a confirmation email after I pay? Well I thought I was but haven’t.

    About 15 minutes ago I get a knock on the door and its an express post bag with my Clen! Hallef#ckinluja.

    Thankyou again guys. You have a new and excited client. Keep well and anyone right now who is in my position 2 days ago (sweating profusely) you are in for a nice surprise.

    Best Regards


  96. Hey Rod, I’m at the beginning of week 7 deca and week 5 of test e, I’ve gained 8.3kg of muscle, bf is down, it’s good gear mate ✌

  97. I have ordered dbol some time ago and found it to be very genuine.
    Gained good weight & strength plus blood pressure was starting to go up at the end of a short cycle.
    Have ordered twice more since then and each time order has arrived in just two or three business days.
    Wife is nearly two weeks into anavar cycle and her strength has just started to go up so hopefully it is genuine anavar. (10mg ed)
    I will report back on my own results with test e and anavar once done as everybody is saying got there order ect fine but no one is saying if anything is any good.

  98. Order completed on a Friday, in my hands on the Monday. Received an express auspost satchel with plain packaging.

    Bitcoins were new to me but eventually got through the process no dramas. The payment page was a VERY helpful guide.

    Customer service from these guys was excellent!
    Looking forward to starting my cycle and seeing results.

  99. My first order yesterday. After a few hicups, I managed to do order and pay using bitcoins also a first (lol).

    Haven’t recieved email yet however, it was after business hours when I finally made payment so I expect the guys will send through today.

    Will update as go.


  100. Payed for my first order today, havent recieved a confirmation email but that may be for obviouse reasons. Bitcoin did my head in but will be worth it wen i recieve the gear. If good shit i will spread the word!! Cheers

  101. Yeah Rob, I’m at the end of week 6 of deca, week 4 of test e, I’ve gained around 15lb or 7.1kg and my bf had dropped,I’m pretty happy with that, cheers✊

  102. So far so good quick order received within 3 days, anyone had anything to do with the clen smells like mouth wash?? Any1 had progress on the test e

  103. Order got here on monday 3 days after finalised payment. Dbol caps, i was a bit sus on cuz they smellt just like protein powder with a hint of a chemical taste. Must be just filler. On fifth day now iv put on 1 kg an gettin massive pumps. Still early days in cycle but off to a good start. Thx heaps hope to do biz again.

  104. Firstly, these guys are legit – no dramas in receiving orders… I’m just curious to hear peoples results with actual gear?
    Has anyone had good results with Orals? Dbol or Var?
    Currently running Test E – early days yet but no massive impact, hoping dosage is legit at this price. Interested in hearing peoples results.

  105. Cycle update,the end of week 4 of deca, week 2 of test e,I’ve gained 4.9kg /10.8lb, this is bloody good gear, I feel like beast haha gear Oz you rock ✊

  106. This is my second cycle. Glad to see a vote of confidence in the arimidex. Underground labs are not always dodgy. My last two vials of Testosterone Enanthate came from an underground lab, and yet my blood-work showed what I expected. My natural testosterone is around 480ng/dl if I recall. I will post up my blood-work when I commence the cycle. So long as the doses are as described, then my testosterone should be slightly higher than it was during my last cycle (as I will also be using ‘deca’). I’ll see how things go.

  107. hey james,the arimidex is okay if used consistently
    let us know if this is your first cycle , ,and if you grow some
    and if you feel like your on
    these guys are the real deal , they provide a good service,
    ive ordered twice
    but im not sold on this maxpro ugl
    I think its severely underdosed , you have to use more of the product
    and at these prices you have to be rich.
    just my honest opinion.

  108. Ordered the first half of my cycle only, just in case the site was not legitimate. The BitCoin process seems a bit confusing at first, but I got the hang of it quickly, and it’s not nearly as dodgy as I had initially presumed. ‘Gear Oz’ e-mailed me to inform me that my BitCoin payment had been received and that they would ship my gear (2 x Testoviron 250 [Testosterone Enanthate] and 1 x Arimidex) shortly. I received it within 3 – 4 days, so my anxiety was relieved there. The Testosterone looks legit, but I must admit I have my concerns about the Arimidex. It came in a little plastic container and looks clear, whereas I am used to it being a thickish yellow substance. I know it comes in many forms, but given past experience, and a few reviews mentioning quite elevated oestradiol below, I’ll be keeping a close eye on my oestradiol. Apart from that – perhaps slightly paranoid – concern, I am happy to order the remaining substances for my cycle. When on-cycle I will post up my blood-work for anyone concerned about the quality of the gear. Looks like the real deal though. Very happy for now.

  109. Very sceptical but testing email response and review page, looking to purchase this week.. will keep you posted!

  110. Gear arrived after a few days in post. Cycle started and hope to be a unit soon. Thanks guys. Legit service.

  111. If only other companies had as good service as these guys. So helpful in terms of clarification (for a newbie like myself). The delivery was super quick. When there was a very minor issue with the order, Ra1n Man stepped in and fixed it straight away. Best service I’ve received from anywhere for pretty much as long as I can remember. You guys are awesome. Oh, and the product is awesome.

  112. I am a hyper refugee and have only just come over, was hesitant initially as anyone would be. Gave it a go, product was here within 2days. Payment using localbitcoin was alot easier than I expected aswell. Thanks guys you have kept my training and progress on track.

  113. Just got my order, awesome ,again a few days ,if you are reading these comments to see if these guy’s are legit, they are, I’ve never met them, I have no reason to compliment them in anyway,the only reason is they are genuine and have really looked after me,this is my permanent go to for gear ✊✌

  114. Quality timing, I am so bloody happy with the service. Thanks so much! Will post results in a month or so when I go on cycle. CHEERS!

  115. all good on this site, excellent service and product jump on board, have placed six orders, will be more. Regards

  116. Ordered Tuesday, payed for and sent Wednesday, just arrived Friday morning ,awesome work guys ,Rainman has really looked after me, nothing but a gentleman ,I’ve had heaps of questions too always replied and has been very helpful I couldn’t be happier 10 out of 10 guy’s I’ll place another order soon, thanks again Rainman ✌

  117. And for the smarts
    83 kg was top during the cycle
    Now the current weight is between 80-81
    Depends how much water i have in my body πŸ™‚

  118. Hey there,
    Something about product ….i had a beginer stack +10 ml Deca and anavar
    Running for a 10 weeks
    Pump great ,right after second week big hit of energy ,power up
    Thirt week my weight start groing up one kg per week ,i had a very clean diet and training very very hard ,deca was just for a bit of lubrication and it helps a lot
    I had to use arimex evry day coz of “G”
    Now im on last week my weight stop grow up and i loos 3kg in last one week,for now i doing gym sesion 2x day but good think is my body fat was on 17% and now im on 11,4%
    But have to say not big diferent and result from Anavar
    Well we will see how much i can keep it on and in two months and after will hit new cycle
    In the end
    Im 30 years old
    Before 71 kg and 17% bf
    Now 83 kg and 11,4% bf
    Sguat before 70 kg ,now 110 kg
    DL before 90 kg ,now 130kg
    DB press before 22 kg ,now 36 kg

  119. Ordered Anavar and was worried I wouldn’t receive my delivery as the sites email was down at the time. Due to my surprise the package arrived 4 days later! Fingers crossed the gear is as efficient as the delivery. Will be using Gear oz from now

  120. Fantastic service here, ordered twice and very fast service. Gear also great, smooth, no pip and had bloods done and very good and only on low dosage. Would highly recommend.

    Thanks guys

  121. Legit !
    Was very hesitant at first like others . the customer service provided was excellent . Was expecting to wait at least a week but products were delivered within 3 days . Outstanding ! Will provide another review once have used items . Good luck and hope you guys can keep helping us out !

    Cheers !

  122. hi chris
    not affiliated with gear oz
    my results were 121.8 nmol/l reference (9.5-28.0) I just converted it over to ng/dl
    oestradiol was 382 pmol/l converted over to 104.0 pg/ml
    a bit high but I havnt been consistent with arimidex
    numbers look good but results for me this time are disappointing, havnt gained much on test e only cycle
    im not eating enough and maybe not training hard enough
    would be good if other people that have bought products , leave reviews again,to let us all know if the gear is working for them

  123. marrickville bulldog September 15, 2015 at 10:35 am Permalink
    gday gearoz
    had my doubts at first
    just got bloods back after 1 month on
    results 4397 ng/dl
    thanx guys

    **These reviews seem scammish like test readings like this we measure in nmol not ng/dl in australia…and two people with bulldog as 2nd name..really!!

  124. Have made about 4 orders now and after being confused as all hell first time with the bitcoins process it’s all a walk in the park now! Quality gear and the delivery is quick! Will not shop anywhere else!

  125. gday gearoz
    had my doubts at first
    just got bloods back after 1 month on
    results 4397 ng/dl
    thanx guys

  126. I have received my order and will put another review when I have used the products but for now I will say the customer service has been great. Thanks gear oz.

  127. First time I’ve done a transaction online and have to admit that I was a bit scared. Placed my order Friday and received it today, on Tuesday. It actually came trough ; ) thanks guys, hope youz stick around for a while!

  128. Just received my first order . No dramas, everything I ordered was there and all ready to go.
    Pretty easy process from go to whoa .

  129. Big ups guys. Gear came just 2 days after I ordered and is the goods bitcoin is a bit confusing but once u figure it out its happy days. Great service lads!

  130. Just finished an 8wk test p cycle of their gear, had bloods done at the end and the gear is legit, unfortunately I would never use these guys again as they sent me out the mast instead of test and took 2 was to fix up and then when I ordered pct of them I ordered clomid and nolva, they sent me out 2 different brands of nolva!!! No clomid. The gear is awsm but the people who ship it out are useless

  131. Legit!

    Placed order on a Sunday, transferred bit coins on the next day. Gear arrived by Friday. It took under a week in all. 2 weeks into cycle now still early days but training harder and feeling harder!

    One thing I wil say PCT I recieved was not what I had originally ordered and unfortunately I have sent 3 emails and had no reply.

    I can’t fault the gear. And the service was fantastic up until this.

    Would love if someone would get back to me regarding it I’m hanging to place another order but am reluctant due to no response from you guys about this.

    Hope to hear back from you…

  132. Unbelievable service. Placed my second order yesterday, got home from work and there it is! I do not live in a city either. Great results from first order. Excited to see the next. Top work guys. If anyone is reading this skeptical then don’t be. I was extremely skeptical to begin but bloods were amazing an so was the gains. Awesome man

  133. Ordered a beginner stack and now into week 5 and the results are dramatic only half way through the cycle. Highly recommended supplier and will be back for more.

  134. I had my bloods done and the level of Testosterone was 52 and normal range is 10.0 to 28.2 so if you question the products please try them and have bloods done before you doubt them. This site is genuine and the products are genuine. Just some people ‘grow’ slower than others and some faster than others.

  135. Hi I live in remote australia and received my package in 4 days. The Oz Gear guys were very helpful. Thanks guys.

  136. thx Gear,
    they shipped on Friday and Monday i had my staff
    let u know in 10 weeks how is works
    even now looking for new order πŸ™‚

  137. Beginner female here, the guys were really helpful and patient with my questions. Delivery is fast and the gear is good! What more could you want.

  138. Made 2 orders with theses guys both on Thursday nights, they packaged and shipped it on Friday and received the gear on Monday!! Very fast!!
    They made a mistake on my first order and I was worried I wouldn’t get what I paid for, but they fixed it up and sent me what I ordered the following week!
    Extremely happy defiantly found my supplier!!

  139. Hey all,

    Package was dispatched 4 days ago and I received my package today. Happy with delivery time and all items were accounted for. I’ll let you know how it all goes and will leave some feedback later on. If all goes well I believe I have found my supplier. Appreciate it mate.


  140. I’m 2 mil into my second vial of testoviron 200. Iv only been doing 1 mil twice a week. Got my bloods back today. Test was at 33. Normal range is 8-33. Estrogen was double over though. Was very very skeptical about buying here first off buy glad I did. Currently added 3 kg of lean muscle an remained lean. Currently sitting at 7.3% bf.

  141. @ Danny, we can have a look but we are getting some new stock in very soon, so it won’t be for a while. Sorry mate.

  142. Hey just wondering if you can get any epogen or epo related products? hit me up will buy regulary

  143. Made a purchase at the end of last week and made the payment. Just awaiting confirmation to say payment was receive and product dispatched. Will keep you updated on what occurs. Hope it all goes well.


  144. Had heard good things about the gear but was skeptical about using bit coin, took a gamble, used local bitcoin was easier than I thought and once I paid them the Bitcoin it was posted Friday and I recieved it Monday!!! Am over the moon as iv heard the gear is the best!!

  145. Legit,
    The best fastest service, order was at my door very next day

    premium Gear

    I found my source thanks guys

  146. Had a few issues but mostly it seems to work well. If any concerns please use local bitcoins instead.

  147. Your recommended bitcoin provider coinspot appears to be a scam ! Facebook page details unhappy customers with no confirmation of deposits in accounts.

    your comments

  148. for anyone with queries re legit gear. this is recent blood test results.
    Testosterone Total 120.0 * nmol/L (10.0-32.0)
    Free Testo (cal) : 4364 * pmol/L (150-620).
    I am just taking 500 mg p/week of Sus.
    obviously very happy.

  149. also, I am paying almost exactly the same I was getting from Thailand. approx. 200 a vial. honestly I am happy to pay a premium to know I am getting correct gear. anyway, street prices are about the same I think.?? stopped buying randomly years ago due to different gear/ fake gear all the time.

  150. hi Guys. firstly, I have no affiliation with Gear Oz. I just found by accident searching web after loosing contact with my guy in Thailand. I have had 2 dealings now and both absolutely kosher. hiccups with BitCoin but this is just a new system for me. needed to understand how it works. It works fine now I understand that $ into my wallet may take a day or 2 or 3!
    gear is real. been using for years. even done my bloods. free/total test levels triple normal. this is just on 500mg a week of Sus. I have no reason to promote gearoz but just really happy with them.

  151. Placed an order on Monday and just received it today. I have to say I was a little suspicious at the beginning and thought this is a scam but its not. I ordered Testoviron 200 and Arimidex. I will try them and post a review in a few weeks. If everything goes well, I might come back to buy more.

    My only complaint is that the prices are too high..

  152. Everyone questioning the 200mg dosage… PLEASE email maxpro about this. its what we receive from them along with the different labels as per their website.

  153. Have you researched why the labels and mg doses are different from the original website as to Australian market??? Perhaps an email to Maxpro will clear it up. And before you start questioning the gear, maybe try injecting it first to see the results πŸ˜‰

  154. Received product 2x testoviron 200 and 1x arimidex in only 3 days.

    Done a bit of research online and see someone questioning the testoviron 200 as it only seems to be found in 250 not 200. Even on max pro site. What’s the reason for that? And the colour of writing of the MP on bottles is different to max pro site.

    Also the arimidex I received was in an unsealed generic plastic container with no smell at all an tastes just like water. Most I have had at least have a alcohol taste of some sort.

    Was pretty convinced originally but having second thoughts about using it now after reading other reviews on another site and said his comments weren’t showing on this site. Hoping I havnt been scammed. Could you clear this up please?

  155. Placed an order yesterday, 2X Testoviron and 1X Arimidex. Didn’t receive any email confirmation of the payment or shipping yet. The whole bitcoin thing was a bit complicated but I understand it’s for security reasons. Anyway I will post again once I receive the order, hopefully.

  156. Interested in the products but looking at the testoviron 200. I can’t seem to find that product anywhere on the net other than this site. It don’t even exist on max pro website. Any reason for this? Also they show red writing on the bottles for MP yet these show black. The only one available in testoviron is 250 not 200

  157. Not quite right there. 400mg per week, is 200 mg twice a week, although I can see how they can misinterpreted. Each vial contains 2000mg (10mL @ 200mg/mL) and so the stack should last you the full cycle at those dosages.

  158. Im thinking of buying but I have some questions. In the beginner stack it says to take “400mg Test E – Taken twice weekly” for ten weeks. That means 800ml each week, right? anyway the stack only includes 2 viles of test E and each vile is 200mg so thats not even a week supply and I will have to buy more, right? I’m really interested in this but I’m kind of a newbie so I need more explanation on the dosage and the supply provided in the beginner stack..

  159. Confirmations is how Bitcoins work, its allows people to know that the payments are legitimate πŸ˜‰

  160. Took forever to get the actual bitcoins into my Wallet. Finally received today an sent to gear oz. still waiting on confirmation of receipt. Don’t understand why the bit Wallet keeps changing numbers of confirmations or something. Keep you posted on delivery etc

  161. Paid with bitcoins on Monday. Will post back once receive gear. No email about shipment yet. Maybe for security reasons. Just hope hear arrives. Will do future purchases if everything ok

  162. I know, the bitcoin does seem to take a little while to get the actual funds into you account. I think it took 3 days or so for mine. But Russel from bitcoin did answer every email i sent. Wasnt hassling him just gently asking what the process was. All worked out fine. Got my gear within 2 days after transferring from bitcoin to gearoz.

  163. Hello house, Bitcoin is bloody slow at processing “I could be just impatient”. post back once cleared.

  164. Ordered a 10 week cycle 5 weeks ago to check it out. Fast delivery and legit gear with great gains so far.

  165. hey guys Im at the end of my cycle off this site and its amazing,! best source of legit gear in oz. was initially worried (can you blame me). where in oz!
    but all worries aside, the anavar was great for what i was after lean/strength gains.
    with a small dose of test.

    only thing negitive i could say is i had to source my pct elsewhere because your allways out of stock. but other than that best shit in aus!

    cheers Ra1nMan

    keen as to make another order- whats the prospect of having nolva or clomid ready?

  166. Hi everyone, I will be making an order soon and will post back every 5 days. I need to see how fast these comments go up. Come on Ra1n man,

  167. What are you talking about, no one has not received an order, or at least they havn’t contacted us to let us know.

  168. The Bitcoin is legit and works. A little bit of extra work the first time but worth it. I dont mind the extra effort to get kosher gear, and in a short time frame. Can do all on line with the link to aust post money order. It does take a day or so for funds to be credited into your bitcoin account. All instant once there though. Persevere guys. It all works.
    Obviously pay pay and eft is much easier but i think they keep shutting these guys accounts down. Wish i could just express post some cash. Ha ha

  169. Hi,
    Would you recommend Nandro or Test Enanthate for beginners?
    Also, when do you reckon the beginners pack would be available again?

  170. Many reviews claim that this site uses paypal. I tried to check out a stack and it’s something weird like bit coin? Why change consumer confidence and remove paypal? It seems I have to now wait for Monday, draw out cash, head to a bank or PO and add to an account before you can order? Why drop paypal??? Please let us know why you cannot use PayPal and use an unknown service like bitcoin?

  171. Did my first order on Apr 13th Monday received my goods today . totally stoked with the service. Now time to try the gear out . 10/10 for customer service . awesome work rainman .

  172. Been on course for 6 weeks have gained 4 kg of hard muscle , I been a juice pig for over 20yrs and can say gear is all good , keep up the good work guys

  173. You guys are awesome. Excellent product and delivered within 4 days of ordering. People – follow the instructions and there won’t be any issues with your orders!!!! These guys are the real deal.

  174. Ra1nman delivers AGAIN!! Ordered 2x PROP on Friday night maybe 7pm or so. Ra1nman promised to send the package out on Monday morning. Tuesday Morning at 10:00am I have my goodies – By my cacluation that makes it exactly 1 day. One of my friends tried to purchase last year from someone he knows at the gym – it took 6 weeks LOL why bother with this type of mickey mouse stuff – Can’t beat gear-oz/Ra1nman!!!!!

  175. I can see your order here, 1 x Dbol and 1 x Clomid. The funds have NOT landed in the bank, contact your bank to find out where it is because we don’t have it.

  176. Hey Guys Ordered on March 20th payment cleared and in your Hong Kong Account on March 24th……Have not heard from you since then and no reply to my emails? The SILENCE is DEAFENING. IF its my end let me know? If your having drama,s let me know. Its march 31st.???

  177. Received the goods within 4 days. Lightning fast! Appreciate the integrity and honesty. Top stuff!

  178. Its been approx 2 weeks now since starting on the sus. I don’t need to do my bloods. The gear is great. I can feel it. Been using for years so know when something is legit. I usually do my bloods to really check ( own a medical business). But not going to even bother this time. Oil as smooth/clean as the TGA approved test. No pip, swell or any sort of indication you have had in the days afterward. Just well made and pure.
    I hope gear oz can hang around a while. Thx.

  179. If anyone has any reservations or hesitations about gear-oz and their products here is something that might help. I had blood work done before cycle and again about 2 and a half weeks into my cycle.
    CYCLE: 10 weeks, Test Prop 100. Dosing at 300mg per week split 100mg Mon, Wed & Fri – currently at the end of the 3rd week.
    BLOOD BEFORE: Total Testosterone 9.1 for a reference range of 8.3-30.2
    BLOOF AFTER: Total Testosterone 52 for a reference range of 8.3-30.2

    As you can see the product is absolutley the real deal and I’m only taking a baby dose.

    Ra1nman is an absoulte gentleman and a pleaure to deal with. All of my trades with him were simple, he was helpful and maintanined the highest level of integrity. Ra1nman and Gear-Oz are ABSOLUTELY the REAL DEAL.

    Give em a go and you will not be dissapointed.

  180. ahh cheers Ra1nman my mate ordered stuff here too cuz i spread the word to him;
    once again im very happy with ur service bro πŸ™‚

  181. Because we have a lot of experience with using steroids, keeping the body guessing instead of letting it get use to compound is the reason we recommend it.

  182. i bought a bulk stack and bit unsure why do u have take d bol 3 days then switch to anadrol and then repeat; hope this doesn’t screw with my liver will post in about 5 weeks into it to let u all know πŸ™‚

  183. Really appreciate that mate, glad your happy with our service and thanks for spreading the word about us.

  184. Ordered a cycle about 2 weeks ago, got the gear 2 days latter. Everything was extremely well packaged and looked legit. Am now 2 weeks in to cycle and this stuff is way way wayyy legit ! you pay abit more but the service and product you get totally worth it. Have decided to extend my cycle so will be ordering even more gear this week (have already put through 2 orders). Have also told all my mates about gear-oz whenever they ask me why im looking so swole. Ra1nman your a champ keep doing what your doing !!!!!

  185. went to the bank to make payment but couldn’t do it as my order was less then 500$Au, sent an email to Rain man but no reply so far,

  186. Can anyone tell me wat the quality of the maxpro test E is like.. Good gains? how much loss ect? SSomeone who has run it before

  187. awesome service. ordered thur, card from aust post turned up yesterday (tue). picked up from post office this am. looking at it now. Will post again in a couple of weeks about quality. ill do my bloods (free/total T levels). Need to wait for existing gear to lower in system. Will try first shot today. impressed so far.

  188. Do you promise my Roids will b at the mailbox with no problems when I order them I got Fkn stooged by steriod on Tuesday. So I trust nothing. Bering a regular steroid abuser I need to know that if I send u money I’ll get the Fkn gear thanx again

  189. Hey sorry ra1nman I’m new to this, after doing some research that is exactly what others say,
    I’ll post back in a few weeks with results

  190. Hi I’ve received my shipment today, I’m just very worried as the anavar caps look smell and taste like coco powder,,
    What’s the story with that ?

  191. Ordered gear it arrived 4 days later , just started course thou gear looks legit will leave update in 4 weeks , nice work Gear Oz

  192. placed an order 2 days ago,,,hope all work’s out i have high hopes……. watch this space for feed back…

  193. I was a very hesitant to source online for obvious reasons – bit the bullet and ordered on Sunday night. Ra1nman was on the email with me assisting with some technical difficulties. Communication was fantastic. Stock was shipped on Tuesday I received it on Friday morning. Ra1nman is an absolute pleasure to deal with – very easy to do business, reliable and great legit products. THANKS HEAPS MATE!!!! Will definitely trade long term

  194. Excellent had some doubts about it all but bit the bullet an everything was fine will recommend an it’s legit took 2 days get here well happy

  195. rainman came through again received pct goods next day , look forward to cycle and results , will be back cheers

  196. First time ordering online was conserned about getting ripped off until I came across gear oz . Had plenty of questions which where all answered quickly and found these guys very helpful. Placed my order Sunday and received Tuesday no hassel at all. Highly recommend !! Thanks gear oz .

  197. Just wanna say thanks to gear oz ordered my stack on Sunday afternoon , came in the post Tuesday. Theses guys are the real deal ppl πŸ™‚ thanks again gear oz

  198. Zac if your having issues completing payment please click the “payments” tab, it will guide you. I have seen you have made 3 orders but have not completed payment.

  199. received my first order all good , just a little hick up from pay pal end no fault of gear oz good communication from Ra1nman he always replied to my emails , just waiting for stock arrival confirmation of pct products will definitely place order again , hope you guys can exist long term cheers

  200. Had my doubts but I knew I had buyer protection thru paypal. Very quick delivery. Happy customer and will do business again. Off to the gym.

  201. Placed an order and had it 3 days later. Great communication. Thanks very much.

    We and another review of product in 3 weeks…

  202. Got my Var 25mg in 7 business days. I feel awesome and see the difference already. Can only imagine what I’ll look like at the end of the cycle! Good job guys! I’ll definitely be back!

  203. Great communication easily ordered got the product in 4 days. Yet to test the product. Ill keep you all posted thanks Ra1n Man.

  204. Received my order today very happy. Took 1 week with good communication. Ive had many issues in the past so happy now.

  205. Hi there plz advise me like am on test e cycle for 8 to 12 weeks but haven’t start yet coz little confused abt nolvadex this is for during cycle or after the cycle nd whn,
    Thanx heeps

  206. Just received my goods.. Absolutely stoked, quality products and simply the best service out there. Thanks Ra1n man.. I will be back for sure

  207. Purchased my lots products to test the waters and 4 days later they were in my hands! Fast response to emails. Couldn’t ask for any better service!

  208. I have now placed my first order, very helpful, quick responses… So far all good. Will get back when the product arrives…

  209. 5 business days and delivered. Nice and anonymous. Genuine products and highly recommended guys. Thanks Ra1nman, the community owes you!

  210. Hi again,

    I didn’t receive an email though I just double checked, but thanks for just confirming that I’ll be hitting them up next week and will pop back on here in a couple weeks.

    Thanks mate!

  211. Hi mate, you would of received an email about this. MaxPro do not send their gear and labels together for obvious reasons. Labels were a few weeks behind, please refer to the website and what you’ve ordered to know what the dosage is of the vials.

  212. Received my order in a week, very happy just a little confused as the vials all had no labels so am unsure if it’s test e and what dosage it is.

  213. Very happy guys got my test e and arimidex in 6 working days and considering I ordered on New Year’s Eve is awesome. Why risk going through customs when we can get what we want in a week guaranteed. Very happy

  214. Yes i received my package today which was exactly 6 business days and I’m very happy genuine max pro vials. Thank you Ra1nman for the great communication will be back very soon thank you gear-oz team excellent service

  215. I would like to sincerely apologise for my comment last Friday accusing you guys of being a scam. I received and email this morning from ra1nman, he said they had been having some tech difficulties and apologised and said they should arrive soon. When I got home this afternoon my order had finally arrived, and I’m happy to say are genuine maxpro vials as promised. These guys are the real deal!!!!

  216. been talking to ra1nman and he’s helped me sort it out, tracking number is working and hopefully order will be here tomorrow, will keep you updated

  217. Hi mate, Our customer service operator is currently away, I’ve sent you an email mate, check your inbox. Cheers

  218. still waiting on an order that was put in weeks ago, communication was good up until I started enquiring about it and now haven’t received a reply to any emails

  219. Everyone who ordered over the Christmas period needs to take note, as of CHRISTMAS DAY we were on break til the 6th. All packages that were ordered during this period were shipped on the 6th-7th. We say wait 6 business days, its now the 11th. Do the math.

  220. I haven’t received any of your emails? what is your order number, I’ll tell you right here where your package is.

  221. Nearly 2 weeks have passed since placing my order. No delivery, no communication. This site is quite obviously a scam!!!

  222. Absolutely awesome…..had reservations to begin with but totally unneccessary…..totally legit…..this is the site to buy your gear in Oz…..thanks guys

  223. do you have tablets or just capsules in the dbol?? will place order and report back on how i go… a little nervous..

  224. Thnx rainman n sorry for being imapatient! You guys rock man just got my shipment this morning! May be because of past experiences m bit cranky!
    Keep up the good work pal! Products look legitimate and wonderful service overall would recommend to all my fellas indeed!
    Merry christmas!

  225. Hi Amit, as the “Home” page states, please wait up until 6 business days, you completed payment on 12 Dec 2014 (Friday). which means we didn’t post your package until monday morning 15th, so really its only been 3 business days. C’mon guys be patient we can’t control the speed of which your parcel arrives.

  226. Its been a week and i havent received my shipment as yet! The guy has been very responsive and prompt
    But still nobody has any idea where my shipment is??
    Will update when i receive something!
    Bit disappointing

  227. Ordered/paid for my products on 4th December.
    Today (10th Dec) the provided tracking number still hasn’t had any tracking events registered.
    Have contacted admin, hopefully it’s just a error in the shipping.
    Will post again when resolved.

    Up to this point gear-oz has been prompt, responsive and very helpful.
    Watch this space

  228. Very satisfied with the Ra1nman’s service, a heap of my pesky questions were quickly answered before I made a purchase, delivery was fast (2 days) and product looks legit. Thankyou Ra1nman, and thanks to Jake for the link… Good medicine! πŸ™‚

  229. Wow!! I made an order on Monday night and today I have received my items in mailbox via Express Post!

    I want to thank Jake, this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. I also want to thank Ra1n Man for excellent service! You are legit!

    It’s Time To Pump Some Iron!!!

  230. Just received my shipment guys.
    Big thanks to RainMan for the great communication and putting up with my constant e-mails.
    Thanks Mate

  231. Purchased my products and 2 days later they were at my door! Fast delivery and A+ communication. Couldnt ask for any better service!

  232. Big shout out to rain man . This guy’s a genuine source of your grow needs.. Good advice is hard to find these days.. will definitely have my business from now on quick delivery legend to deal with. Thanks mate.

  233. Big thanks to the Ra1n Man. Real nice guy, genuinely trying to help and with some great product to boot. You can trust this guy people, will be my go-to source from now on.

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